Jangan Baper! Ramuan Jitu Anti Galau (Full Color) - Utami Pratiwi

Book Title : Jangan Baper! Ramuan Jitu Anti Galau (Full Color)

Book Author : Utami Pratiwi

Book Condition : New!

Publisher : Laksana

Number of Pages : 148

Language : Indonesia

Description :

Baper is bringing feelings. It happens to someone who is overly sensitive. For example, crying at the sight of someone breathing, just because it reminds them of an ex who also liked to breathe. Have you ever read that meme? 

Yes! The term 'baper' is trending. Baper can be interpreted as a condition where someone reacts excessively to something, even though it's actually trivial. Who can 'catch' baper, what causes it, and what are the solutions?

This book will answer those questions. Baper in the school environment, romance, family, friendships, and more are thoroughly discussed. Packaged in a very engaging way, this book can be a delightful companion. Even if you've been single since birth and are bombarded with questions about when you'll get married or if you're single because of a recent breakup, there's no need to be baper! Read this book and find the solutions!"

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