Cari Tahu Jati Dirimu, Yuk! - Dwi Sunar Prasetyono

Book Title : Cari Tahu Jati Dirimu, Yuk! Beragam Tes IQ, Kepribadian, dan Karakter untuk Menunjukkan Tingkat Inteligensi.

Book Author : Dwi Sunar Prasetyono

Book Condition : New!

Publisher : Laksana

Number of Pages : 252

Language : Indonesia

Description :

This book contains a series of tests, including verbal, numerical, analytical (logical), spatial, and personality tests. Each test presents varying levels of difficulty. However, this book is not intended as a standard guide to guarantee your acceptance in a job selection process. It is compiled more as a guide to self-discovery, especially in terms of your strengths and weaknesses.

The book invites you to practice IQ and personality test questions. Answer each section of the test as quickly as possible without peeking at the answer key. In doing so, you will obtain test results that at least approximate your true self. Discover your potential and weaknesses through this book. Happy reading and practicing!

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